31 January 2008

Rob Anybody!

"As is normal for feegles of the Chalk Hill Clan (except Gonnagles) he is afraid of lawyers and words in general. When he marries Jeannie, a feegle from the Long Lake Clan, however, she makes him learn to read and write."
This is how I pictured Rob in my head. He turned out to be a lot like Asterix tough... I don't know why I imagined a mustache for him. I think perhaps he's the lider of feegles and a Dad, so the mustache appeared under this category for me. I'll try to do next the feegle that flies on a buzzard. That'll be fun! :)
b. (Rob Anybody is created by Terry Pratchett!)
O líder dos Feegles do Clã Chalk Hill, Rob Anybody. (criação de Terry Pratchett!).


Breadwig said...

Ha. I love Asterix, there's a bit of him in there. Great character.

BBrito said...

thanks Bryan! Asterix Rocks!!!