07 February 2008

Training Days!

So, the story begins like this:
The new topic for TNT is Sci-Fi. Cool. And full of vacuum (that's space for you...). So Roger goes and do a poster (link) with Alien X E.T.(the fight of the century!!!) and puts on the credits: me playing the geeky, fragil E.T. and himself playing bad-ass Alien. I can only point out the undenying truth here: you never know with aliens...
So maybe, just maybe, E.T. CAN know a bunch of intergalactic kung-fu moves, and can indeed win this fight! He may not appear to be as bad-ass as the Alien fellow, but he IS super cool(as space is too), very popular with the kids, and cute too (in a ugly-as-hell-kindda-way...). But he's got Krisma! (that's cosmic charisma if you are wondering).
So my contribution for the Sci-fi theme was this.
E.T. training days with the great master of martial arts,
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi.
Everybody knows that aliens with mistic-glowing-finger-powers always win in the end.
Thank you for your patience and for reading all this gibberish till the end! :D


mike said...

ah! too cute! these little comics are great, bruna. roger's poster is pretty funny too. :)

BBrito said...

Thanks Mike! It was just a doodle but I thought Mr.Miagui was so cute that I had to post it!!!

cariello said...

veeeeeeeery nice! i like it, i like it, i like it!