19 May 2008

Q-Force Poster

Poster Q-Force!
Bico-do-Corvo and Krux.
After Lastscionz, on DeviantArt.


mike said...

yeah! i love q-force!

leo fanelli said...

nossa, que lindo bruna, otima composição!! pena que aquinao é que nem o deviant, senão eu ja tinha dado um fav =D

Breadwig said...

Q-force rocks. What a great poster. And those clouds. They are the bomb.

Alan B. said...

Muito show. Tipo,....Chegou a hora do luta!!!!XD

dugbuddy said...

Q-force is the coolest! This is a great poster. love the movement in the sky. Those character angles are great. -db

BBrito said...

Thanks everybody!!! I wish I could have more free time to do more Q-Force... it's really fun! thanks for all the kind words!