26 February 2010


I just love Tru-Blood series and the Sookie Stackhouse novels so much!!! So I decided to do a Sookie/Quinn ilustration. He's a weretyger, which means he turns into a tyger whenever he wants. Quinn was Sookie's boyfriend for a while. But then she ended it to be with her vampires [Eric/Bill]. Who can blame her, huh? I don't.
Full view peoplez, PLZ!
ps. I based the ilustration on a photograh of ~andreaspuhl
[when I saw this photo I instantly thought of quinn and sookie, IDN why...]


Eugenio Enrique said...

Woooooowwww!!!!!!! I love it!

this is for me!? great job!

Have a nice week Bruna!


BBrito said...

thanks eugenio!