04 March 2010

Apok 4! update

New strips at Apokalypse 4!
Go check it out!


Julia Bax said...

Gostei mto da ultima tirinha, bru!!!

Jesse Nelson said...

Hey Bruna...I was in Bryan's class today, and just wanted to say you've got some amazing work! Thanks so much for talking with us!

colephillips said...

thanks so much for talking in class today! I really love your tntema drawings. They're fantastic.

Jay Canul said...

Hi Bruna,

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to show ,and talk to us about your wonderful pieces of art! I admire your skill; you have such a wonderful style, and your use of colors are just stunning! I also love how you put a lot of emotion into your work.

I love your Dracula pieces!

Thanks again!


PS: I'm happy to know that a professional artist uses Photoshop. Seems so many prefer Painter, but I feel the exact same way as you do about it.

BBrito said...

- thanks Jesse! it was great talking to you guys too!
- thanks Cole! TnTema is the time to have some fun drawing and experimenting on my art! I'm glad you liked it!
- thanks so much Jay! The Dracula pics are my favourite too! and PS X Painter: the ultimate fight! LOL! I think they're both great programs, but they are in the end, just tools, what's really important is what you have in your mind, ideas and inspiration. The software is there to help you put all that on paper/pixels, right?

Thanks everybody for all your kind words!

Jay Canul said...

Lol! That's so true Bruna! They are just tools. I'm still working on my inspiration ,and artists like you really do help me want to become a better artist. I hope to create memorable characters as you have someday.

Thanks so much for the response!