15 March 2010

Square Animals

Square Animals Book Project.
Animais Quadrados. Projeto para Livro.


kludge said...


I haven't been here in a bit. I forget how amazing your drawings are!

I think the Platypus is my favorite.

André Toma said...

Bruna! Que legal isso!
Legal e acho que complicado de fazer, hein?
Vou mostrar pra Ayumi.

BBrito said...

-thanks so much kludge! your visit and comments are always welcome!
-valeu Toma! é bem divertido de fazer! quem sabe nao vira um livro infantil, ne? ;)

Breadwig said...

Oh my, these are so great Bruna! Wow, fantasmarriffic!

BBrito said...

thanks Bryan! :D

Clare and Ally said...

these are so amazing. im really jealous being the non-artistic type. =]

BBrito said...

Thanks for stopping by, Clally! (I'm sorry, you did say not to call you that, but it's just darn catchy! ;)